Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Calliope - Inspiration

As you know, I had a long vacation in last January.
I traveled Portual, Spain, Morocco and Egypt during 35 days.

The best place on me is the Sahara! 사랑해
I never forget the breathtaking beauty.
It was too hard to get there, but it was really worthwhile to see the golden desert.

I wanted to see the little Prince and his friend, desert fox.
Instead of them, there were...sand, wind, sun, star and nothing!
I loved the feeling of Sahara, and some inspirations started popping in my head:
golden, sparkle, primal, magnificent...

I tried to pull out the faint inspirations , but it was not easy to express exactly. I kept thinking and feeling again and again to not miss the something special.

Fortunately, I found something more in temples of Egypt : goddess, dignity... and Calliope of next Mousa

Calliope is the muse of epic poetry.
I thought that the splendid panoramas and inspirations I have seen were perfect for Calliope.

The theme songs for Calliope were 'Yogensha' and 'Moon' of Yoko Kanno.
That songs were really helpful to imagine Calliope, so I listened and listened while working.

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