Friday, August 24, 2012


Yesterday, I went an exhibition 'ASYAAF'.
It's an Asian young artists festival.
They are amatuers yet, some artists' works are great like a professional artist. 
Among them, there will be super aritists someday.
I love to feel their fresh energy! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Vacation 1

Last month, I traveled 'TongYeong',which is located in southern sea of Korea. It is small city, but very beautiful!

There are lots of small islands with blue sea.

There is pretty village called 'Dongpirang'.
I like to take a walk to enjoy with mural paintings.

And this city is famous with traditional crafts.
Especially, Lacquerware with mother of pearl! 

This night view 'Tongyeong's painting is made by mother of pearl!
It is very beautiful and brilliant in person.

This city is famous of oyster.
It is a oyster bibimbop(rice food), and I miss the smell of sea.

Next time, I will update my summer vacation 2 in my hometown.
(I have to find the photos... they went where??? --;)